The Word Therapy Launched

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    August 2016

Launching of the book “The Word Therapy”

The first book of the President of Hall of Strength Ministries International “The Word Therapy” was launched on the 28th of August 2016 in Ho. The Mystery Behind Positive Change, The Word Therapy, is a book that brings healing through the power of declaring God’s anointing words. The Book is Available for Purchase in our SHOP page.


Welcome dearest one, to this wonderful world of the miraculous-healing through the power of declaring God anointed words (Scriptures). the centuring said, “Only Speak the word….” if only you know the power of your words! Especially when they are phrased after God-breathed revelatory words. When you declare these excerpts in this handbookd, you mandate your own words to gather speed, divine power and become sharper than any two edged sword that will release the miraculous power of God into your life.