Your Stability is Very Critical

I will keep teaching on the presence until the whole year fully get exhausted. until you know how to access that presence 24/7. I have emphasized it time and time again that what you need is not what you think you need. what you need is the presence. Ellijah could come before Ahab and say, unless am not in the presence of my father. meaning I don't fear all these commandos.
it takes the presence for everything. this morning, we'll hook it on to church growth.
the thing that pleases or moves god, is not those who hear, what pleases or moves god are those who reverence the word so much so that they go into action to reverence god. the word should be enough to move you. you don't need any additional element to be a doer. god knows you're in need of him, that's why you're here this morning. may you be blessed.
the word is enough to cause you to go into obedience. you don't need any argument or convincing. blessed are those who are moved by the word. the word alone brings conviction and the conviction helps you to align with the word. you'll become more stable because the word will establish you.
Israel came out of Egypt, and saw the terrible act of god and after they had crossed the red sea and just before they enter into the promised land, he came up with a new order.
Moses wouldn't lift a rock and things will happen without any angels behind the scene. behold Israel, am sending an angel ahead of you. so sometimes when you need to find the presence, it's in the ministering of an angel.
there's too much nonsense in the church today. when you pay attention to his voice and you obey his voice everyone of your enemies will be melted before you. that was what god told them. if you read the history of Israel, the adversities they had gone through was because they refused to be led by these angels.
I want you to understand that anytime god wants to make a move, he makes it by his spirit and the instrumentalities of his angels.
count yourself blessed this morning.
they needed to obey for them to enjoy because the angel representing god was carrying the presence of god.may you please know the move of god.
every time we are around, there are two great angels with us. you are not left alone but under a very strong canopy. how you handle this canopy is very very critical. but some have been bound because they don't know these things.
how many of you know me?
am a village boy, my hometown is Shia. they used to call me Vincent. but when I became born again, god added Evans. then I found out the meaning of evans and Vincent are the same. one who conquers. double. I was somewhere in ashanti region, then god said move down and I came to ho, and when I tot I was just gathering some few to go and preach to them, I didn't know that god had something great in mind.
it's my children who began calling me apape and the thing spread. if you think what you're doing nobody sees it, it's a lie. how many of you love me?
if you didn't raise your hand and I began looking at your direction that should force you to raise your hand. are you sure you love your pastor?
are you sure you understand the meaning of word love. because when I begin in measuring the tape of love, I can tell you 99% of you don't love me. when you love a person, as a young man falling in love with a young lady and vice versa, if you have been there at least, you'll have an understanding of romantic love. that feeling in you that drive you or binds you to somebody else. god is not calling us for emotional love. that is in the arena of marriage, emotional love. the pure love has to first be there before the marriage love.
the love god is talking about is the reverential love, when you hear love, the reverence that grieves you. god is talking about reverential love. if that is not in place, nothing even family love will never be in place

let me come down for you. if a young man falls in love with benedicta, one of the things you'll be sure is that the 2 will want to meet as frequently as possible. and when they meet, departing, moving away from each other becomes so difficult. so much so that when you miss an appointment you feel so bad. when you fall in love, you're able to sacrifice some things which outside of that you cannot even accommodate.
if you tell your pastor you love him, where is your presence?
you keep saying you love me and when I need you, that's when you're away. if you love me and you don't god, for you to know that Sunday, I am here, you'll also be here. when I call on you and I say today am going to be alone, because you love me, you'll be here. when an assignment has to be done..
a natural man will go in all extent just to show he love the person. but when you say you love me and I need you the most that is the time you deny me. the anointing you don't love the anointing you don't honor doesn't work. where there's no love, the faith may be there but it'll not produce.
the love you have in your heart for your man is what provokes the oil to work. the issue is not anointing, the anointing is in itself, nothing until it's provoked so the real issue is provoked anointing. am highly anointed but until it's provoked it'll not come out so when I go to places and I see anger in people, the anointing flows down well.
Paul is teaching about anointing said there are 3 pillars u must make sure u're established on.

  • faith must be there
  • there must also be hope
  • there must also be love

the greatest of it is love. Jesus is saying love is what is driving me, I came loving sinful men who don't deserve to be loved but I am with them. there's something about love and the earlier we get it, the better.
once a man becomes a president, the wife automatically becomes the co-president.
you can't say you love me and hate my wife. that's hypocrisy to the higher level. when you love me you must learn to love my dog. you can't say you love me and hate my children. that's not love, it's devilish. your miracle will never come forward. you must learn it. even when we talking about submission and subjection their 2 different words. when you love genuinely, you'll submit. nobody will educate you through argument.

I want to lay foundation for something. your pastor's wife who's also doing all things in the ministry to make the ministry flow, so in her zeal of acting she might go to a style which may not also be acceptable but understand it and love her the same.
that's how we behave, am not talking about people outside hall of strength but it's here. it's true some come from different background but the minute you join our family here, you must begin to straighten yourself.
many of you are coming to church but you have not yet identified with my angels. I sent 1 guy to alavanyo and nkrunya at the time they were fighting, a big python met him and was just about to swallow him but I raised up my hand and said not this 1.

there are some things that may be fighting you but only the plaid of the man of god that can rescue you. when you don't go in the proper alignment, you bring a curse. you can't break god's principles. god wants his kingdom built strong and not divided. if you hook to somebody it's because that person will give his quota and help the kingdom move forward. the things of the kingdom are fearful things.
if you're not very careful, this church is for your children and the children's children until the lord comes. there are certain truths I have never been able to preach here, and we think this is the way we want things to done. Elisha sent to the king that sent Neman to me so that everybody knows that there's a prophet in Israel. how can a man of god talk so bodly? it's because he tested the anointing oil. he knew the oil is there and thee kind of reverence he receives from the king. the men of god carry the presence.
one of the ways you can access the presence of god is through his anointed man. when such a man lift up his voice over you, the presence connects with you so you must learn to love him and not do things that will grieve him. otherwise the oil cannot help you.
send him to me and you'll know there's a prophet in Israel. Neman came and to cut the story short, he learnt that there's actually a prophet in Israel. when Neman got cured? he never sat with Elisha to negotiate any term of payment but he untied his package and brought out silver, clothes, gold for the king who had things in his own rights. and Elisha said, am not touching any of these, I have a god who's more than sufficient. he was not paying for his healing, the things that was taught them from infancy is that you must learn to love the man of god.
Neman did everything and Elisha refused. when have you been thoughtful of your pastor? not because am using psychology in scheming you. no, no, no. small as you are, see what god is doing through you. and you need to be blessed. our young men who began driving car, you haven't seen anything yet. if it's a car, I'll have bought a prado. contractors came here and asked to build me houses but I said no, am not grown enough to handle that level of wealth yet. it's not that you're making a god out of a man, no, it's his principles.
church growth and the presence. the man is called to expand the kingdom, see it that way and not to divide the kingdom.
everything you want to do, reflect in the holy spirit and honor the man.
I am not arguing with anybody that others can be gifted and anointed. but everything has to be done in wisdom. do we want church growth?
if we are a thousand in this church and we want to show love offering, and everybody just gives 1ghc, we just raised about 1000gghc. so when we grow, who benefits?
when we grow, it's to our own advantage. god have mercy on us. your work is not more important than god's work. when you receive the call, you have to respond immediately. that's how the oil is connected. those of you who come early and working, I release the blessings. I decree it with my mouth, you'll see it manifest for you. burry yourself in the lord, when bishop dark began, they were laughing at him but today he has many churches around this country.
that's how god wants to expand you but you must put these principles in place. the church must grow. you need to be wise, the oil will not come fro the outside.

there's something about it. if you hold the man in charge, curses will turn into blessings, even when you're divorce wherever the man is he'll come back. wherever the woman is he'll come back. if there's power in the presence.


20 Behold, I send an Angel before thee, to keep thee in the way, and to bring thee into the place which I have prepared.
21 Beware of him, and obey his voice, provoke him not; for he will not pardon your transgressions: for my name is in him.
22 But if thou shalt indeed obey his voice, and do all that I speak; then I will be an enemy unto thine enemies, and an adversary unto thine adversaries.