Hall of Strength Team

Picture of Rev. Evans V. Hiadzi

Rev. Evans V. Hiadzi

President of Hall of Strength Ministries International

Picture of Associate Pastor

Associate Pastor

Head Pastor of Divine Grace, Somey Branch

Picture of Pastor Elorm Adiko
Associate Pastor

Pastor Elorm Adiko

Head Branch Pastor of the Wonyome Branch in Togo

Picture of Love Quarmyne
Associate Pastor

Love Quarmyne

Associate pastor at the Ho Main Branch

Picture of Mrs. Margaret Hiadzi
Lady Pastor

Mrs. Margaret Hiadzi

Oversees and Coordinate All branches of the Church

Picture of Pastor Selase Dogbe
Associate Pastor

Pastor Selase Dogbe

Head Pastor of Kings Chapel, Accra Branch

Picture of David Homenya
Associate Pastor

David Homenya

Assistant Branch Pastor (Rescue Chapel, Kpetoe)

Picture of Ernest Krampah
Associate Pastor

Ernest Krampah

Associate Pastor and Prayer Director, Ho Main Branch

Picture of Pastor Joy Dake
Associate Pastor

Pastor Joy Dake

Assistant to Head Pastor at the Ho Main Branch

Picture of Pastor Jeff Adegah
Associate Pastor

Pastor Jeff Adegah

Head Branch Pastor at the Baguida Branch

Picture of Delight Hiadzi

Delight Hiadzi

Administrator of the Ho Main Branch

Picture of Daniel Amedenyo
Associate Pastor

Daniel Amedenyo

Head Pastor of the Rescue Chapel, Kpetoe Branch