1. Music department

img_9054The Bible explains that every good gift comes from God (James 1:17). Music is one of God’s good gifts. God has given both man and angels the gift of music-making (Genesis 4:21; Job 38:7). The purpose of music and singing is to rejoice in and worship the Lord (Psalm 95:1-2).

Here at the Hall of Strength Ministries, the music ministers serve in the front-line of ministry as vessels and channels of worship. The music ministry plays a key role in ushering the congregation into the presence of God through worship and praise. The focus of this ministry is not limited to music roles but also the total transformation of the lives in the ministry through the study of God’s word. Being a minstrel is a divine calling and goes beyond just the talent and desire to sing or play an instrument. The functions of the music ministry include glorifying God through the praises and worship, preparing the congregation for the Word of God, ministering through songs during church programs and church related activities and assisting the minister of music in planning and promoting church musical program

2. Ushering department

The purpose of the Ushering Department is to provide a personal interface between the ushers and the worshipers. This ministry team interacts with Sunday visitors and is charged with the responsibility of presenting a positive and loving atmosphere at the worship services, developing and implementing ways of making visitors and regular attendees feel welcome in our church. A warm greeting and an extended hand help set the tone for the worship time. The department has the responsibilities of meeting, greeting, seating, and caring for every member and guest that enters the sanctuary or comes to any program of the church as well as other locations on the church grounds.

3. Protocol department

The protocol ministry consists of the Hall of Strength Ministry is made up of special protocol officers, greeters and traffic controlled assigned to serve all executive guests, dignitaries and invited speakers during church programs and church related activities. The Head protocol minister carries the responsibility of being the amour bearer of the Senior Pastor. He walks with, holds and protects the senior pastor and does whatever is necessary to secure and ensure the comfort of the senior Pastor. The sensitivity of this ministry requires the protocol team members must be matured, well composed, prayerful members of the church. Members of the protocol team are taken through a series of trainings on being polite, patient and alert in discharging their duties.

Members of the church in protocol related fields of work, communications, and security forces are encouraged to use their talents in this ministry.

The protocol team works closely with the ushering team.

4. Prayer department

To make it happen! The Department is to carry a burden for the unsaved, pray for God to send workers, then pray for these precious labourers. When the unsaved repent, the department prays and surrounds them with God’s angels. Through prayer, the department motivates faith, love, and unity within the church. Nothing happens without prayer! The focus of this ministry is the key to the success of all other ministries in the Church.

The Prayer Department will function both externally, by bringing teaching to the body regarding the importance of prayer, bringing continuous opportunities for corporate prayer, and internally, by taking on the ministry of intercessory prayer as a group.

Other Departments:

5. Evangelism and fellow-up
6. Décor department
7. Hospitality
8. Security
9. Sound and multi-media
10. Discipleship
11. Counselling
12. Transport department
13. Medical team
14. Finance team

Purpose: This team is designed to direct the development of an effective stewardship program in order to assure adequate funds to meet the budget needs of the church. The team will also supervise the proper handling and disbursement of such funds.