By Rev. Evans Vincent Hiadzi

2Chron 15:11
God commanded Moses to put them in the tabernacle and said by the following morning the staff that will be fruitful is the chosen ones. This morning the lord will command fruitfulness over you. Every controversy will be condemned.

Your God will vindicate you. Probably it’s because you’re not showing any fruitfulness that’s why they look mean upon you but God will redeem you. As the lord command freshness over you, he’ll also anoint you. Are you just in church? This is where the supernatural takes place. Your God will anoint you. If God can anoint animals, God will anoint you. If God can anoint bones, you’re more valuable than a dead man’s bone, you’ll be anointed. Balaam was going to release a curse over Israel, hence God told him don’t go, he saddled his ass to offer sacrifice but it’s a lie, he whom God has blessed is blessed.  If it were not so, u wouldn’t even choose Christ, in fact it was he who even chose you. he was going and saw that his axe sweart and became angry and started slapping the donkey. If the donkey’s mouth can open, your mouth too can open. If suddenly an animal’s mentality can flow into heaven’s perspective and open, this morning you too your mouth will open. The donkey’s mouth was transform into the mind of human beings. Your mind will be renewed, refreshed, anointed and your talk shall be the tongue of a sharp prophets.

The donkey said how many years have I served you? Have I ever done this to you? But it didn’t occur to him that the animal was talking. And Balaam replied that if I had a sword, I would have pushed this to you. and the donkey replied, I have been faithful to serve you all this while, I wished you have the eyes to see what I am seeing for you to understand why am doing what I did. And suddenly Balaam’s eyes were opened and saw angels of the lord with sword ready to slaughter Balaam. If the donkeys had not swerved, I would have finished your life, replied the angels. You can also be anointed, you’ll be able to minister to people and the glory of the lord will be declared. Your God is in business. When am preaching I love to demonstrate.

You’ll flourish, you who know dry, suddenly you’ll shoot forth. And you would be anointed, remain the same. There’s a tough battle here, wish somebody to remind them that they are under the canopy of war, and they said this great God cannot be on our side and we’ll go to battle and be fearful. Then they remembered that they had broken covenant with him. It’s a powerful thing when you come back to yourself, because the blockade brings back the things that have gone out of your life.

Israel came to themselves and realized they were not in consonant for everything they had to do with the covenant and when they realized it they had a cold shot victory. When you put things right, you begin to flow, see where you diverted, become a hypocrite, come to yourself, he’s ready to make u fresh. I pray every one will have a cheer victory in every battle u engage in. They brought in shots, plunder.

revival-2016-sunday-joint-service-24When Jehoshaphat went to battle and God fought for him, they spent 3 days gathering gold and all manner of materials and still there were spoils on the field to be gathered. May he not give you an ordinary victory but a distinguished victory. May your God give you that elevation. May your children so outshine every other children. And it’ll be known that it’s the hand of the lord that is doing it. This is God’s will for you, heaven’s agenda concerning you as you come this morning. And the secret, is in the covenant. You must develop a covenant lifestyle. As for many who called themselves Christians and have not developed a covenant life is fruitless.

As for Christians, you’ll meet them, for anybody can introduce himself as Christians but it’s a matter of those cultivating a covenant lifestyle, consciousness, walk with God that God will identify. Be a Christian who is always walking in the consciousness that you’re in a binding agreement with a God who will never fail you. When you’re walking that way and you miss it and  you turn and say God am sorry you don’t need to talk too much, he washes you , encourages you and say let’s go ahead.

God is never happy, am praying you’ll not be stacked, not only flourish but you’ll be anointed because you’re somebody who walk in covenant. I have not reached there yet but am determined to get there. Because Moses understood the covenant and understood, when he went before God, and coming down his glory was so strong that the people couldn’t look before his grace.

Sometimes you go to pastor’s house and he doesn’t want to come out and you say what pride is this? The longer you stay in the presence with God, the more power and capable you are. So when you’re inside, it’s because of you. Begin to develop a covenant consciousness. When they invite you to come to someplace, ask yourself, the Jesus who is walking with you will they welcome him also, if they won’t, don’t go with them. With God everything will become possible. Everybody must commit to this God. As this God has chosen to be God for us, we who are now coming to keep in covenant with him, we must also learn to do our assignment. The covenant is to give you an advantage. If my wife is weak and am also weak, it’s double weakness but when she’s strong and am weak, in the time of my weakness she’ll help me come up. They chose to enter a new covenant and that is what we did by renewing, confirming and affirming the covenant.

To every covenant, there are 2 sides, the side’s God will play and the part you must play. You must be wise enough to know where your part is so you can gear yourself to perform it. Don’t just be in church. Find out what is it you want from me, why have you led me to Hall of Strength, when you begin to ask he’ll tell you and when you begin to walk in it, you’ll become very powerful. Not just be powerful in word, but God will give you what will back you so you can be powerful. You won’t be in lack. But u must remember your part. And play it and fulfill it. Play your part, remember your part and fulfill it.

What is my part?

revival-2016-sunday-joint-service-19When Jesus came in with new superior covenant, shared his blood sacrificed his life and rose form the dead and poured down the Holy Ghost a covenant was cut. He said for you to enjoy everything I died for, this is what you must also do. As new Christians, what we must also do the majority is listed in the epistles for us. The epistles, the letters, the Holy Ghost inspired many to write, Paul, Peter, John, James. For example the letters Paul wrote to the Thessalonians, he said pray without ceasing. So your covenant duty is pray always. Wherever you are be praying, be in that consciousness and you’re walking in covenant. There’s a reason he came on earth, so you must be in for what he measured for. He said I didn’t come for the righteous, so when he arose from the dead and everything showed that everything was super, he said go ye therefore. He said go into the world.

You want me to be your healer, do your part. Go into the world. You’re looking to me to become a fruitful man, fruitful nation, etc…. but do your part. Go ye into all the world. How many have known that this is their covenant responsibilities? So mercy is carrying us and if so what if you do what you’re required for? Go ye therefore. If you call yourself a Christian and the day come and there’s no bell ringing in your heart that go ye therefore.

We are claiming promises without remembering that for every promise there’s a condition. God never does anything without a condition, everything he does, it comes with condition. So find the condition then you’ll find God’s fulfillment. When you climb up, to our offices at the top, you’ll see somethings pasted on the door. Some people think it’s for beauty, but no, rather it’s to constantly remind us about the part we are to play with our calling into this covenant into this church.  When you go up, he says bring all attentions back to Jesus. In everything you do, your focus must be Jesus. So your singing must be about Jesus, should touch somebody to even begin to confess sins. Everything you must do must be about Jesus.

Bring all attentions back to Jesus:

Is your life bringing attention to Jesus? The way you talk, live, become a troublesome something to your people. Is it bringing attention to Jesus? Can you be bold and stand for Jesus? U can’t walk this covenant way and god will refuse that he’s for you. Listen to your consciousness, anywhere you are show him forth as a God of glory, quality and beauty. So when you see an idolatry you’ll see the difference between him and the Christian. It’s not about display of wealth. This is what God is saying, look at the way he created the world, quality, very unique, it shows God’s quality. He knows how rivers should run, lakes to flow, create oceans, this is a God of quality. He’s a God of quality.

Somebody should be able to come to your house and say what it is about you. But when you come out you come out with such glory that those speaking around you will start craving about Jesus. Show me forth as a God of quality. Papa Oyedepo was sharing a testimony about a woman who was barren for 18 years. And after hearing the message, she realized that if only she can realign herself everything will begin to work. So when they came to shilo, she registered in the sanitation department and as faith will have it, she was assigned to be in charge of the water closet. For the whole 1 week, she was there without murmuring not talking and after 1 week shilo ended and at the time she got home then she got pregnant.

When you go and read, you’ll know that these are our covenant responsibilities. Ways that God expect us to fulfill our parts. Go ye to all the world. A man was unemployed, fired at a job. Instead of going 2to look for another job, he said no, they’ll be looking into my case and as long as they do I’ll be doing evangelism. Everyday he’ll go out for souls and after about 3 months, the same company that fired him called him back and said they are sorry and for compensation to damage, they’ll pay back all arrears with other benefits.

If nobody brings the people will you have somebody to preach to? Even we pastors we don’t want to go for souls. The rain is falling over you already, it’ll anoint you. You must resolve and say if God can anoint a donkey, God anoint me too.

Can’t there be continuity and constant rise? It’s possible, this morning, somebody is partaking of that grace. When you sense the anointing going down, all you need to do is to lift up a worship song and immediately the anointing will come back.

11 And they offered unto the Lord the same time, of the spoil which they had brought, seven hundred oxen and seven thousand sheep.