I want the church to know that you have a very great man of God. when you go to someone's house and you observe and witness so many thing, it's a sign to know that he's a man of wisdom so when you look at the auditorium, it shows that the man is full of wisdom and practical wisdom. so we must support such a great man.
one day Neman decided to kill Jacob, so a night before Neman will apprehend Jacob, the bible said the god of the father of Jacob appeared to him in the dream.
there are battles that confront us and you may think you're very beautiful or wisdom to overcome but it's the god of your father of hall of strength.
 we love our father and the grace is upon us. if you love the oil that is upon the man of god, you must love also the man that carries the oil. because no vessel, no oil.
life is built on words that you hear. if you want to make impact in your life, when you hear the words, you'll make impact. so words is what builds up our education. believe what am saying, my height is very short, but I have grown, not a small boy.
I have 45 min to preach, to prophecy and to pray for you to fall down. am telling you what am coming to do before we start, and lastly I'll take money from you to build the church. in the name of Jesus and you'll love it.
Luke 10:1-3
After these things, after tonight, what is not possible shall become possible. nothing shall die in my hand again. something died 2years ago. but the Lord sent me here tonight to speak to somebody that after tonight, what is killing anything in your family or business, after tonight nothing shall die, in your life, in the church, in  the African continent, in your finances, nothing shall die again.
after tonight, after this month of June, where your feet have not been before, I came here as a prophet to declare to you that your feet shall be there.
after these things, the lord himself appoints 70, after these things, there was appointment letter from God himself. I came all the way from accra to prophecy to you that the devil is a liar. who told you that you can't make it in life, or that the church cannot grow? that you can receive your healing? after tonight, you'll have your answer. with god, all things are possible. the lord himself appoints 70. when you read the chapter 9, the lord appointed 12 so they think they're the only people that are called. sometimes the people who are helping you think that they're the only one who can help. some people think that they're paying higher tithe in the church so they think that without them, the church cannot progress. one day people stood up and said, I am balancing the equation, so he raised 70 people. god is raising 70millionaires, 12 people who comes to church with their cars, god said he'll raise 70more people with their cars.  
one person will not have hypertension, god said today, I am expanding again, when it's time everybody can have that ministration and be called. and he said, I'll appoint her, God himself. I see god appointing some members, and he'll empower you tonight, you're stepping out as somebody that has been appointed by heaven. that through you, souls will be brought to the kingdom.
after being promoted, the next place for you is to serve God, evangelism, winning of souls for God.
you have sat for long hour but this is the time . wait for God, you must wait for God. tell your friend, back to God and let's work for the ministry. back to God. if you have everything, house, cars, and you don't do anything to god, you're not impressing God and that in the midst of God, you're a labourer in the temple of God.
heaven such pass away but assure................................................
after tonight, we're going back to the spirit, going back to bringing souls, 1 on 1.
preach the word. to turn situations around.