Let your mercies forever be renewed, let this nation be preserve. Those that are in spiritual trenches, let them never be weary. That we will become a responsible people. Open the heaven this morning, grant us the grace to supplicate like never before. For our desire is that your kingdom will come quickly into the hearts of men. Even in our preparation towards the Camp Elim 2017, our eyes are on you. I in vain do we make noise or hide all manner of things that men should be involved if you don’t set the momentum. So this morning let nobody leave here the same. Answer every player of every hearts because you’re God. The dark areas of our hearts full of worship. Let your light shine into those quarters. Sicknesses, diseases, infirmities that are not receiving the attention of the leadership of the church may your ears be opened to their cries. This great house stand before you, you’ve been good to this house. We’re asking that you’ll be one more time be good unto this house. Every man, boy, assembled here and have not held back their purses, those who even pledge towards the camp this morning look favorably on them. Let their financial expectancies not be delayed. That their joy will turn up to be successive. I lift up the flyer before you and am asking that just as you did it and we heard the testimonies in Lomé. I raise it up and ask that let the miraculous begin to be setup. Let these do the miraculous. As your saints carry this and it enters home, may the homes atmosphere change. May the money they need be deposited, the atmosphere in their cars be changed. And handed to men who will be invited, may their starring begin in their heart. Let not a single be denied him as I stand before you. Look one more time on that blood and show your mercies unto that blood. Speak your servants are ready to hear in Jesus name.

The last three (3) days or so, of the prayer I missed them that’s why I chose to pray long to compensate myself. If you look carefully at the wall on the two (2) hands you’ll see our very beautifully designed Camp Elim mega flyer. It’s so strategically positioned that as you’re walking you will see our next major event. This is an event in the life of the church that we consider very important and very critical. And so our prayer is we will not only be making noise but every noise will find expression in genuine involvement and participation. One of the mercies we have been enjoying in this church is the phenomenal of God. He will just suddenly come on us and begin to do things and before we are aware things will be happening. As a means of strengthening us and stretching our faith into him. I wish there was a way I could chain everyone and hold in my hand so that when the event begin I could pull every one. This is for our own good, benefit especially when you consider the theme for this year, is a very thrilling and challenging theme. Because after being born again, if what we’re going to theme on will sparkle efficiencies of bankruptcy that we are suffering. Encourage somebody that they will not miss out the Camp Elim 2017.

If I should call at random some of you and ask what the mandate of this church is, what is the assignment God has given to this church before you chose to belong. If I should do some random selection you’ll find people rumbling with appropriate answers. When Jesus came down to earth, he knew his mission, knew his assignment, very well aware of his mandate. It wasn’t surprising therefore that at no point in time was he at a disadvantage. If it was at a wedding in Canaan, he was ready to turn water into wine. If it was at the city of Nay with the son of that widow he knew how to stop those carrying the coffin and commanded the young boy to come alive. He knew that five (5) loads of bread and two (2) fishes were more than enough to satisfy them. At no point in time was he stranded. When you understand the mission, mandate, reason you will be open to the provisions of heaven. It’s a pity therefore to belong to a great church like Hall Of Strength and not know what the assignment of the church is. Your provision are where the vision is. Every vision has adequate supply of provision. So if you are in lack question your understanding, your knowledge of the vision. If you really grass the vision, even should you die you will be back alive. Because the vision make provision for that, not for failure. When you climb up to the top and look at the door you will find out things pasted at the door for things God expects you to be engaged in so that you can be blessed. If you climb and never take time to reflect as you look you’ll be stagnated. But God’s desire for us is that we will climb not from failure, but from a point of glory unto glory. Unfortunately our experiences are from failure to deeper failure which is contrary to kingdom perception. And these things should cause our hearts to begin to cry out to God. For sometimes now my preaching style will change. Someone met me last week and said these days we don’t see you jumping with fire again. And I say come from the inside and see if you will find fire or not. Sometimes from actions people see and perceive, at other times it only becomes entertainment. The word you are hearing carry the life of God, mandate, mission, visions these are things you’ll find in the kingdom of God. You can’t belong to the church and not understand what the mission of the church is. So when you come to the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ, there are principles, norms, and conventions. And when you discover these principles and begin to put them into practice you’ll see them in the genuine of God. It may be you are trying minus the principles. So check yourself again. Because you can’t catch the principles and miss the results. God is a God of principles. So Jesus said, you have needs. You want to eat. You want to drink. Cloths to wear. Good you’re the children of God. When you look outside it is the same thing they also crave for. The same way people outside doing how men will differentiate from the people of the world and the people of the kingdom. So I am saying don’t worry about what to drink, put on, the world worries, your father knows what you need. If you should worry, worry that you should be alive. Life is more important than food and clothes. Look at the birds, they never go into all that but my father feeds them. How about you he made in his image, so in my kingdom don’t be anxious. How many of you that have gone through sleepless night. Don’t be anxious, careful about anything but rather in the light of any of these things let your supplications be known unto God. It means in the kingdom, you emphasize prayer above every other thing. How many are devoted to prayer? And it looks like where grace has abounded, some of us as preachers have also complicated the matters, because of the giftings, elections of God. Because we can show forth God along the line. We have become people’s focus than the kingdom of God. I have the gift of healing so that when I began preaching I preach along that line so that people’s eyes can open and we rejoice. This morning I want to call on a very important assignment.


How many of you wake up this morning with the kingdom as the uppermost thought? ‘Seek ye first the kingdom and his righteousness and All these things shall be added’. The key is there, we’re not willing to apply the key, and we are not ready to walk the word. Seek ye first the kingdom, the son of righteousness. Seek ye first how God does his things in the right way, before you think about entertainment, and business, seek ye first. Some service personnel’s have to be in our midst this morning. If we can do what God prescribes we can have what goes on in heaven on earth. When our prayers are directed towards a specific need everybody is firing. Doesn’t the God we are praying to doesn’t he know we are a needy people. And so he’s just a careless God that he will not make provision for our needs. No it doesn’t have to be so. Today when you go preach along that line nobody will like listening to you. I want to refocus the church. He is the first to be called the word, you can’t come to teach Jesus grammar, he is the word. When he says seek, something which is not in hiding or which is not lost, you don’t seek for it. So when he tells you seek the kingdom you must understand that it’s real but not that visible. It requires an extra effort.

If God is really there for you, it will show in your attitude. I want to refocus the church this morning. I guarantee you there will be a rediscovery and discovery. I wished today were such a free day that I can just talk at my base. We go to 12 then I give you some snack and come back. In the parable about the noble man who threw a party, Jesus was trying to express how God feels about his children turning down appointment for fellowship. That’s the reason for the parabol. He gave advance invitation don’t worry about food , just come and when the time came everyone found good excuses to give and the man was so concerned that go and force anybody you could get. Go to the street, compel them and force them to come because I can’t afford to be in this atmosphere of fellowship. Jesus is telling us how God feels when we neglect, overlook his values of fellowship. As we see now the building has not been designed to carry only people at the ground floor, but to carry people at the upper floor and also at the outside. So if we seat here and are content then we are blind. He said open your mouth and I will fill it. So on the basics of your mouth he gives you the capacity. This is the needy area of the kingdom. As we’re sited here there are your brothers, sisters, smoking weeds, in witchcraft quarters so we cannot say everything is okay. Some of us our wives, children, friends, and workmates are not here, not in any chapel this Sunday morning. This is part of the kingdom assignment. Thank God the ground floor is full but even it has to be even fuller than this. I would have been very content if it’s like that. So it’s time we begin to resolve, do something about the upper galleries and the outside. Not a single amen.

We have preached, taught, encouraged, and prayed about souls. Do we not receive every Sundays in the year? But have we been able to achieve our goals in the year? No, so long as am here some of our people are not here, I have not finished the job. You look at me as if you don’t have colleagues or friends. Am crying for mercies for God to show me what to do. So we’ve done what possibly we can do. Probably one of the areas we have failed in is that after we’ve finished the exaltations we should have continued in that process so that those who are shy, timid, should throw all of that. But we were too need focus that we once only once. If every one of them were to stay they would have become sparks of fire in their communities. We even had a whole Camp Elim on soul, ‘Become fishes of souls’. The one fish Peter caught with the hook in the mouth of it there was gold. So assuming he were to catch about 30, he’ll have been a millionaires. People are looking for breakthroughs and we don’t know that it lies in soul winning. How can I bring a big time contractor, and be stranded to build my house. The fish you catch, there’s a gold in the mouth of that fish. How can I fish for a man who’s put up hotels and I’ll get to that city where his hotels are and I’ll be stranded for accommodation. I have fished for a man who’s in transport business and be struggling for transport. The things you’re looking for are in the mouth of fishes. Sometimes we’re killing our own breakthroughs. You cannot reach out to a doctor who becomes a kingdom entity and you’ll go to hospitals for treatment and be stranded. The minute he sees you he’ll go to attend to you because he knows you’re his spiritual father. Every area of life, even if you need to go the public transport and you have a spiritual son there by the time you reach there he’ll give you a seat.

We organized a whole camp, prayer and fasting and nothing is happening then we must look for other areas for possible solutions. This morning I’ll open our eyes to another area we must explore. I want to teach you on


Why is it that we have pushed, pulling and nothing is happening. Probably there’s a strong man we need to deal with.

Luke 11: 21: “When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace. But when a stronger than he shall come upon him, and overcome him, he taketh from him all his armour wherein he trusted, and divideth his spoils. “

If you flow with the whole of the chapter Luke 11, the disciples asked Jesus that teach us to pray we’ve come to the understanding that John was an anointing man. Jesus said when you pray, and nothing happens keep on praying, when you ask and nothing keep on asking, when you knock and nothing happens keep on knocking. Jesus said this man stood at the door and kept banging at the door until the man came out and he got more than he could. Therefore Jesus said when you pray keep praying, when you knock keep knocking. Even in practical life if a son goes to the father asking give me a bread, he’ll not give him stone. When the Holy Ghost comes and the manifestations come you’ll begin  to do great things, they call me behazabol  and he went on to explain to them that when they begin to call you names, don’t be discouraged, don’t be fooled, don’t be distracted it’s the devil’s kingdom you’re shaking that’s why he’ll come in with such treats. Don’t forget there are invisible people who are on his side imposing you. Otherwise how do you enter into the strong man’s house. When you begin to encounter such opposition know that there’s a being called a strongman who will put up a resistance. But don’t forget that every strong man has a stronger man to face. I am the stronger man. If that strong man even though he’s strong has wisdom to still arm himself. Then you who ‘are my children, arm yourself. Have you armed yourself? The strongman is already strong. Was Goliath a strong man then why did he go for juju? He was strong and yet he still wanted to be stronger. And when you begin to arm yourself that when you enter into the territory of strong men. Where he is like his palace. Like his headquarters. I refuse to have any of such headquarters around me. He takes his residence and called it his palace. He armed himself so that everything around him shall be safe. When a stronger than he comes. So every strongman has a stronger man to face. He said he binds him. He takes his armour from him. You’re anointed, equipped, you can take it. Those who are natives of Ho. A few years past you dare not walk into those areas, but today light has come into those areas. You can take it.

The stronger man will prevail over the strong man every good he has in his warehouse you can take it. There are things sitting on the seat it’s time they vacate. They must vacate our areas here. Whatever, whoever sitting on our galleries, it’s time to vacate. Some of you when we close now you’re going to enjoy lift. The more we have the better your life becomes. There are some homes you go, when you go it’s not water they offer you first they drink paper drink and biscuit, they’ll put it there and add water.  Even some homes you won’t even get. The more we have the better your life becomes. I don’t see how I can drive to aunty house and ask to buy water and will pay. So the more of her type we have the better we become. I don’t think she’ll do it to me and not do it to you. we’ll take the strongman. You’re equipped to do it, be taught how to do it. A soldier carrying an AK47 and doesn’t know how to pull it. May you get to know what God has given you. Every one of you can take back what the devil has tried to sit on. Your Lord died to make it free for you, not to enjoy it is an abnormality, a rebellion against the will of God and it has to change if you come to church and God doesn’t equip you for what it takes then your coming to church is not profitable.

Daniel was among the Jews who were in captivity in Babylon. And he had the prompting form the lord to read what the prophet spoke about the captivity. So he read the book of Jeremiah and he saw that the suffering they were enjoying is to endure after 70 years and nothing was happening after. So he said this thing must end. If God spoke to our great father Abraham that we’ll be strangers in a strange land. Though 70 years have passed we can also demand our freedom. You can also demand your freedom. If they sat still they’ll have stayed for 250 years. And as they stood up they got their liberty. That story in your family you can change it. The history of church life in Ho, you can change it because the book has made provision for us. Why should the tail be dictating to the head? A whole season they bound you the liberty to enjoy. It has to change. They told Daniel they can’t pray, no, he knew he was the head and the tail cannot dictate to him. Change your position, you can change it.

Even the four lepers said we can bring some change into our own city. If we go in the camp of the Syrians they may kill us. Come on let’s get moving and they kept moving. Am talking to some lepers this morning, rise up, if you perish you perish but the truth is you’ll not perish. Daniel began fasting and praying. If any man being in Christ he’s a new creation. I cannot be in Christ and this tory still be continuing, I must walk with a new company, grace, favour. He took up prayer and while he was praying suddenly an angel came. Daniel was flowing in the spirit and the angels said the very first day you purposed in your heart God saw it. This morning as you purpose in your life, God has seen it and fire is coming into your life. He said I was sent to bring you the answer but for all these 3 weeks a strong man met me, he’ll not allow me to reach you. I have been in this battle for 3 weeks until I needed to call for reinforcement from heaven and God sent angel Michel. This morning there’s reinforcement waiting for your demand. So Michael came and showed the strong man where power lies, that’s why I was able to come. So when am going back I have to go and deal with him. Whichever angel they take you’ll corner them. Weeping may endure for the night but joy cometh in the morning. I see joy coming in the morning. I see angels or reinforcement coming towards you and I see angels coming for reinforcement, every strong man will meet his stronger man. I prophesy into your life. Every strong man will meet his equivalent of his stronger man. When they come in the power of witchcraft you’ll come in the power of the Holy Ghost. When they come in the power of company, you’ll go in the company of angels. Every invisible force hiding will be dethroned. Will be brought down. Everyone will learn their lessons and learn it properly. They’ll live your destiny free, Jesus paid enough to give you the deliverance and your liberty. Whether in your carrier, family life, and every strong man will meet the stronger man and they’re meeting them now as am preaching.